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196032 - Our meeting in the car

We've only met once and it's been years, but since then you've fallen even more in love with me than you already did. You have always adored and adored me, just did everything to get my attention... And after what seemed like an infinite time, you then had the opportunity to meet me in real life. I instructed you to drive your car to a place of my choice, park there and wait for me with a penis cage and power kit (plug in the ass and cuffs around the cock). I wanted you to put my tribute in the back seat and two vials of that beloved inhalant you got the privilege of getting me. It didn't take long until you heard the clicking of my heels as you approached your car and heard the back door open... I already had my utensils in my handbag; Cling film, transparent garbage bag, latex gloves and my perfume... to this day you can't get this experience out of your head and you long for more, just to be brain-fucked really awesome again! Are you longing for the adrenaline rush, coupled with fear and lust... your offers are getting higher and higher, that's a good thing! I'll refresh your memories with this clip... You deserve to enjoy my pleasure!