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24901 - Hard Caning In The Bunker

in cruel households of lot of our mistresses there is always a cellar or a bunker where their slaves are kept secret and safe. most of the times they are encaged there where its cold and usually dark and where they dont know when their goddesses reappear and what comes our slave here has today the honour to amuse lady faye and mistress cloe cuz they are just in the mood to dish out some pain today. just for their pleasure.the slave is getting out of the cage and has to present his ass to his mistresses.first he gets some warm up by each goddesses when they cane his ass a lil light, but soon they increase the pain by hitting him together, one hit by faye, one by cloe.they cane him very fast so the slave doenst have a chance to recover from a stroke, cuz the nixt hit is already landing on his ass.and the strokes get harder and harder, the ladies show now mercy painting his backside with welts all over!classic hard caning clip!


24903 - Assfuck Punishment

the strokes i did on you earlier has broken you totally?so now its easy for me to enter superbeautiful mistress lady mephista says in a soft voice while getting closer to her slave.his ass is well presented to his mistress with his arms bound behind.lady mephista looks so hot totally in leather but she is equiped here with a big rubber cock and gets it into the ass of the slave.soon she is going to fuck him in his hands, sometimes with some soft and slow movements but soon she gets more into action really fucking the sense out of him. as it gets too warm for her she takes off her jacket and then fucking the poor slave harder and harder.and as we can see in the sadistic smile of this bitch she really loves this. she also teasing him a lil bit by getting her claws into his flesh, but then its time again for some more hard fucking.wonderful humiliating and very special clip with a real sadistic lady!


24900 - Venus In Furs Whipping 2 Slaves

here we add here a wonderful new clip starring empress victoria. she looks superhot wearing a red leather robe, red leather gloves, furs and high heel sandals. 2 of her slaves are already well prepared. one is on the cross, the other is bound tight to a leather. she is armed with a short, but very effective whip. she attaches 2 clamps on the nipples of one slave and beats one off with her whip. then she walks over to the other slave and starts to whip him in his ass. soon some nice marks appear on his ass, so the its time for whipping his rear also.time to change the whip and now she uses a shorter whip, but as its made of more firm leather the strokes are even more painful now for the least the real pain comes when she using a brown bullwhip. the slaves are moaning now under the sharp heels. this is pure music for the ears of empress victoria!